Dr. Lisa Carr is a BCND, (Board Certified Naturopath), CNM,
(Certified Nutritional Microscopist), CHHP, CHNP and
CHS. Before her formal training, she was an avid researcher of
natural medicine, plant-based alternatives, and modalities to
live by, as well as help her family to thrive. This period in her
life spans over 17 years. To pursue her passion to help others discover personal
health, wellness, and vitality, she chose to be formally educated. Dr. Carr attended
Trinity School of Natural Health, because of its solid 30-year foundation in natural
education and Know Your Wellness academy. She also went onto receive her
board credentials and was honored for high achievement.
At present, she operates a clinic (Essential Wellness Advantage) in Buford, Georgia;
where she is changing lives by facilitating restoration by using natural methods,
reframing perceptions, and emotional trauma, educating about self-care, and
bringing environmental and lifestyle toxicity awareness to the forefront.
Her goal is to build a wellness complex in multiple locations and partner with a
community of likeminded people in efforts to help more individuals to achieve a
life of wellness, vitality, and longevity.
Areas of expertise include but not limited to:
Zyto bio-energetic feedback scanning, Live and Dried Blood Analysis,
detoxification/cleansing, comprehensive health consultant, herbals and
supplementations, essential oils, Flower Essence remedy, Homeopathic medicine,
bio-energetic infoceuticals, EVOX Perception Reframing, emotional balance, and
release, and more.

Bio-Energetic Feedback Specialist
DNA Life Certified Practitioner

Essential Wellness Advantage

Services Offered

Bio-energetic feedback body system scan reporting

Health & Wellness Education

Workshops & Private Consultation

Emotional Release

Chemical Free Home Consultant

Personalized Wellness Strategies and Coaching

Emotional Training

EVOX Reframing