Medical Conditions

Hyperbaric Therapy Benefits Many People with Chronic Health Conditions. The reason is very simple: Oxygen is critical for most vital cell processes and functions of the body. Healthy cells = Healthy Tissues = Healthy Organs = Healthy Body.

  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Increase Circulation
  • Detoxify the Body
  • Viruses, Anaerobic Bacteria, and Fungus cannot Thrive in an Oxygen Rich Environment
 Autism Spectrum Disorder  Asperger’s  Asthma/Allergies  Addiction Recovery
 Altitude Sickness (Apoxia)  Anxiety  ADD/ADHD  Burns
 Bell’s Palsy  Brain Injury  Cancer  Cerebral Palsy
 Chronic Fatigue  COVID19  Chemical Sensitivities  Candida
 Dementia and Alzheimer’s  Depression  Diabetes  Digestive Disorders
 Disc Herniation  Dizziness  Fibromyalgia  Flu
 Frequent flying/”Jet lag”  Headaches  Hypoxia  Immune dysfunction
 Infection  Inflammation  Injury  Lyme
 Joint Pain  Muscle Pain  Migraines  Multiple Sclerosis
 Near Drowning  Pre/post-surgery  Premature Aging  Parkinson’s
 Rheumatoid Arthritis  Plastic Surgery  Smoking  Seizure disorder
 Sports   Stroke  Stress  Sleep Disorders

Toxic Environmental  Exposure

 Wellness (General)  Wound Healing

“Hyperbaric Therapy has been incredibly beneficial for my son and I’ve also noticed major improvements in my own health” – Erika Geuser

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