Medical Conditions

Hyperbaric Therapy Benefits Many People with Chronic Health Conditions. The reason is very simple: Oxygen is critical for most vital cell processes and functions of the body. Healthy cells = Healthy Tissues = Healthy Organs = Healthy Body.

  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Increase Circulation
  • Detoxify the Body
  • Viruses, Anaerobic Bacteria, and Fungus cannot Thrive in an Oxygen Rich Environment
 Autism Spectrum Disorder  Asperger’s  Asthma/Allergies  Alzheimer’s
 Altitude Sickness (Apoxia)  Anxiety  ADD/ADHD  Burns
 Bell’s Palsy  Brain Injury  Cancer  Cerebral Palsy
 Chronic Fatigue  Circulations issues  Chemical Sensitivities  Candida
 Dementia  Depression  Diabetes  Digestive Disorders
 Disc Herniation  Dizziness  Fibromyalgia  Flu
 Frequent flying/”Jet lag”  Headaches  Hypoxia  Immune dysfunction
 Infection  Inflammation  Injury  Lyme
 Joint Pain  Muscle Pain  Migraines  Multiple Sclerosis
 Near Drowning  Pre/post-surgery  Premature Aging  Parkinson’s
 Rheumatoid Arthritis  Respiratory issues  Smoking  Seizure disorder
 Sports   Stroke  Stress  Sleep Disorders
 STEM CELLS    |    Toxic Environmental  Exposure  Wellness (General)  Wound Healing

“Hyperbaric Therapy has been incredibly beneficial for my son and I’ve also noticed major improvements in my own health” – Erika Geuser

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