Scot contracted COVID over Mother’s Day weekend, May 2022, and had what he describes as a somewhat mild case. About 3 weeks after, he began dealing with lingering effects from the infection, sometimes referred to as Long COVID or Post COVID Syndrome.

Scot was looking into alternative treatments to deal with his symptoms and a doctor recommended hyperbaric therapy. He found Hyperbaric PHP in Buford and began bi-weekly treatments.

Within a few weeks, he started to notice considerable improvements in the following areas:

  • Better mental acuity/focus
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved sleep
  • Decreased neuropathy
  • Improved gut/bowel health
  • Feeling of overall health and wellness
  • Skin – rashes have cleared up!

Scot says: “From the beginning of my experience with hyperbaric therapy the folks at Hyperbaric PHP have just been top-notch, they made me feel genuinely cared for, like family. Everyone – including the other patients at Hyperbaric PHP have been wonderful. So many people who are suffering from all kinds of issues are finding help at Hyperbaric PHP.

I would recommend hyperbaric therapy for anyone suffering from Long COVID. This is a very debilitating disease, and this is one of the treatments that should be standard protocol for people dealing with Post COVID Syndrome.”

Watch Scot’s full testimonial here:

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“Hyperbaric Therapy has been incredibly beneficial for my son and I’ve also noticed major improvements in my own health” – Erika Geuser

Erika Geuser


“Hyperbaric Therapy has been a Godsend! I suffered an aneurysm and two strokes – I was in a wheelchair and unable to speak when I began treatment. Through God’s grace, hyperbaric therapy has restored me! I can walk, talk, care for myself, even drive a vehicle again! Thank you, Hyperbaric PHP”

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