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Whether you are a professional athlete or not, if you participate in sports or other taxing physical activities, mild hyperbaric therapy can give you the edge you need to perform at your personal best every time. Mild hyperbaric therapy speeds recovery from sports injuries, gives the athlete faster recovery from workout, increases energy and mental clarity on and off the field. By providing more oxygen at the cellular level, healing is rapid, energy levels are high and the athlete is able to focus and perform at peak levels. Many athletes report much less lactic acid buildup with hyperbaric therapy, greater endurance and less muscle fatigue. The pressurized environment of the chamber allows many to recover much more quickly from sports injuries due to swelling, dehydration and ischemia. This pressure decreases swelling at the same time increasing blood flow to restricted areas. Higher concentration of oxygen in the blood at the cellular level allows healing and reparation to occur at a much faster rate.
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How Hyperbaric Helps Athletes On and Off the Field

Kevin Love, Basketball Player, uses Hyperbaric Therapy

Today, Cleveland Cavaliers star Kevin Love welcomes Architectural Digest to his home to tour his personal wellness room. From red light therapy panels to a hyperbaric chamber, Kevin pulls out all the stops in maintaining his body. The toll of a 12-year NBA career demands a dedicated routine of treatment and recovery, focusing not just on physicality but also centering the importance of mental health. In turn, The Kevin Love Fund seeks to help people live their best lives, providing tools for the community to achieve both physical fitness and emotional well-being. While at home, Kevin encourages you to explore what works best for you in maintaining physical and mental wellness.

Bill Schindler at Pro Baseball Chiropractic Society

Two videos of Bill speaking at the Pro Baseball Chiropractic Society about HBOT for Sports Medicine.

Raul Ibanez

Click Image to watch Instagram Reel of Raul Ibanez talking about how he stayed at the top of his game in baseball through his late 30s and 40s. Spoiler alert: Hyperbaric Therapy is part of his healing regime!


In this episode we discuss how hyperbaric oxygen therapy is helping professional athletes, “special needs” children, and regular folks to achieve better health and a higher quality of life. Our guest is Bill Schindler, owner of Hyperbaric PHP (People Helping People), who is “paying it forward” in some pretty amazing ways! Bill is a frequent speaker and presenter at seminars, conventions and health & wellness functions. His positive energy and compassionate approach is contagious, and you will want to share his message with others after listening to this show. Join your host, Stephanie Parrish, and her guest, Bill Schindler, for an hour you won’t soon forget.

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